We specialise in teaching you that first dance as a married couple! Whether you want a simple natural looking opening dance or something more choreographed, we can help you look natural and feel confident as you open the dance floor with your first dance as man and wife. Group and private lessons available for wedding couples.


Opening Dance Package

For the special couple …

Our Opening Dance Package consists of 4 x 1 hour private lessons.

R1 760 for this package

Only 2 weeks to go … don’t worry we’ve got you covered

When time is limited, we can squeeze in 1 - 3 lessons before your special day.

R500 per hour

Father / Daughter or Mother / Son Dance

We love meeting the family and some dads and moms may need a little help on the dance floor.

R440 per hour

Wedding Collection Package

4 x 1 hour private lessons for the bridal couple

4 x 1 hour private lessons for father/daughter or mother/son dances

1 x 1 hour Group class with the retinue

R4 360 for this package

Take the Lead

Join in with general group dance classes in Bedfordview, Fourways or Benoni for 4-12 months before your wedding. This way, you will know many different dances that you can enjoy throughout the rest of the evening at your wedding. You will feel so confident , that your opening dance will be comfortable and enjoyable . Two months before your wedding, you can book any of the above mentioned packages so that we can help you perfect your opening dance.

If this option suits you, we would suggest starting at the beginning of a month, there will be a 1 hour class per week per month.

R750 per couple per month