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5 Reasons children should do Ballroom & Latin American dancing

  1. Music & Movement

    The ability to move your body in time to the music. Everyone has a natural feel for music. From the very first time as a child, you heard music, you started tapping your toes and wiggling your body. Ballroom dance puts structure to the movement and timing to the music.

  2. Body Development

    It’s all about the posture - you can spot a dancer a mile way ! From your core, right the way to your finger tips and tippy toes. The whole body gets in tune.

  3. Art & Culture

    Dancing is a bodily expression of music. Each dance has been developed over many years, your child will be exposed to the history of each dance.

  4. Mutual Love & Respect

    Dance represents our language, no matter what race you are, religion you follow or language you speak - as dancers we respect and love each other through the love of dance.

  5. Dreams & Goals

    Through hard work and dedication your child can become a champion!