We have 20 years of 'on the floor' competitive experience - we can take you from bronze to championship!

Ryan and Candy, co-owners of Dancemore, started their dance career in 1999. As a family owned business Maureen Da Silva, Founder of Dancemore, taught them the basics and then they went on to compete. Competition after competition working their way from Bronze all the way to Professional, competing as a 10 dance couple (Ballroom & Latin American dances) in numerous provincial and national competitions and making the finals at the highest level. After travelling to Blackpool to compete against the best in the world in the British Open and to then to Paris to take part in the World Championships, they decided to turn professional and open a studio in Fourways in addition to their studio in Bedfordview … and now it’s time for them to pass their superb experience, invaluable knowledge and dance ethics on to you !

We also offer Pro-Am competitions for our students that do not partners - we will parter you up with a male/female teacher, who in your lessons will teach and dance with you throughout your lesson as well as partner you at a Pro-Am competition.

We have the highest qualified teachers working for us and they are very energetic and lots of fun!
Dancemore recently hosted 2 couples from Dancing with the Stars that was on Mnet on a Sunday evening and our owner, Ryan, was a part of the team that assisted them with choreography as well as their dance techniques, they managed to take away first and second place!

The best way to get your competition shoes ready is with private lessons:

R500 per hour for a once off lesson
R440 per hour when committing for a minimum of 4 lessons up to 11 lessons
R420 per hour when committing to a minimum of 12 lessons

Contact us through our contact page for availability