School Background

Dancemore has been teaching dancing for 26 years and our group classes are immensely popular. They are purely social and lots of fun. The standard of teaching (training/methods etc) is very high, classes remain friendly and relaxed.  

We teach you all the Ballroom and Latin American dances, with emphasis more on Latin American. The aim is for couples to be able to dance socially and comfortably at any function - from informal parties to business functions or at a wedding you might attend, looking and feeling natural and comfortable on the dance floor.

Most students accomplish all their dancing needs during group classes, we also offer private lessons for those seeking that extra level in their dancing accomplishment.

We teach brand new beginners (you know, the ones with 5 left feet!) how to lead and the ladies how to follow, steps, variations from complete beginners right up to Championship competitors.


 The Crew

The Crew

We have eight fantastic teachers with many qualifications, achievements and a wealth of experience. They understand that no two people are alike and will work with you to reach your goals.